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Tryout Info

What should I know about tryouts?

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We offer programs for beginners wanting to play on a team for the first time, players looking to sharpen their skills to make a high school team as well as athletes looking to earn a college scholarship. We have programs for all ages and levels.


10 things you need to know about Tryouts


  1. Eat breakfast: do not skip this step! 

  2. Dress: spandex or shorts and a regular T-shirt (NO tank tops), volleyball sneakers, knee pads 

  3. Bring: water bottle and light snacks: granola bars, banana, apple or carrots, ½ sandwich -turkey, ham or chicken are good choices (please no peanut butter or nuts as we will not know of any allergies ahead of time)

  4. Bring Paperwork and payment if you did not pre-register: you can find the forms on our website

  5. Get to the venue early: if you pre-registered, you will still need to check in; if you did not pre-register, we will need time to review your documents and take information

  6. Settle in: put your stuff where indicated and start warming up by peppering or a dynamic stretch

  7. You will be guided through every drill: Coaches will tell you what you are doing, show what you are doing and have other players demonstrate what you will be doing: you do not need to know drills to be able to follow along but you will need to pay attention

  8. You will be moved around in different groups: do not read into this: just part of the process

  9. You are being evaluated all the time: attitude is as important as skill: how you treat each other, how you encourage or discourage others is being viewed, how you recuperate after making a mistake (and everyone will make a lot of mistakes!) is noted: give your best effort and that includes best attitude

  10. This is FUN not stressful: you will find the right program that matches your skill level, your commitment level and your schedule