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Player Expectations

What is Expected of an MGA Player

Practice Expectations

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All of our coaches plan their practices. You will always have a structured practice that includes skill specific drills and “game-like” drills. You are expected to be at all practices regardless of program chosen unless you have notified the coach 24 hours in advance with the exception of being ill that day or an emergency. Volleyball is a team sport and coaches plan their practices around what the team needs to work on: for that to be successful, we need players at every practice. If you have a test, for example, and need to study: you know about that test and can notify the coach ahead of time so there should be no last-minute decision.

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Tournament Expectations:

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First and foremost, players are expected to participate in ALL tournaments.  For some this means during a Spring Break so please look at the calendar and plan accordingly. It is not acceptable to tell the team that you will not attend a tournament any less than 10 days before the tournaments so that practices can be planned accordingly.

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