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2020-2021 Club Season

Please review the current plans for the season and changes in how the fees are assessed and charged as we try to "build" a season of play for our teams amidst the current COVID-19 regulations and ! As always, contact us with questions. 

Players: Be sure to READ, REVIEW, UNDERSTAND & AGREE to the 2020-2021 MGA Players Code of Conduct

Teams have been formed: please use the link sent to your email to register on the MGA site.

  • Teams will practice three times a week, two times during the week and Sunday afternoon. 

  • 18s, 17s, 16s and 15s: Tues. & Thurs 7-9pm

    17s Red, 14s, 16s Red & Black: Mon & Wed 7-9pm

    All teams on Sunday 6:30-8:30pm for skill specific training
  • There will be inter and intra-club tournaments 

  • How to check what age group you belong to. Please note that age definitions have changed from last year.

  • Session is Sept 14th , 2020– Dec 20, 2020 provided that the current rules and recommendations for moderate-risk sports apply

  • All safety protocols as dictated by the state will be followed: physical distancing, masks and sanitization of equipment. Because we are following state guidelines, any player or family, who does not follow the guidelines may not participate

Club Volleyball this year will be different than in the past: between Sept- Dec 2020, we will offer opportunities for teams to practice and learn and compete inter and intra-club rather than any larger format tournaments. In January provided things have changed, we will be able to offer NERVA, USAV and AAU tournaments where possible

  • Fee for mid-Sept through end Dec. is $1200 

    • Initial Minimum payment due (non refundable commitment) is $400.00 which includes uniforms, coaches fees and court rental

    • After that fees will be on a monthly basis

      • Monthly fee Oct, Nov , Dec : $267.00/month

    •  Rather than a club or national  season fee : we will assess best team options and add tournaments in 2021 so fees will change for each team as they add in new opportunities 

      • We will supply a list of possibly tournaments and cost as they become known and confirmed viable and each team will determine the best options for them