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2020-2021 Club Season

Please review the current plans for the season and changes in how the fees are assessed and charged as we try to "build" a season of play for our teams amidst the current COVID-19 regulations and ! As always, contact us with questions. 

Players: Be sure to READ, REVIEW, UNDERSTAND & AGREE to the 2020-2021 MGA Players Code of Conduct

  • Teams will practice three times a week, two times during the week and Sunday afternoon. 
  • 18s, 17s, 16s and 15s: Tues. & Thurs 7-9pm

    17s Red, 14s, 16s Red & Black: Mon & Wed 7-9pm

    All teams on Sunday 6:30-8:30pm for skill specific training
  • How to check what age group you belong to. Please note that age definitions have changed from last year.

  • Session 2  is Jan 3rd- April 11th  provided that the current rules and recommendations for moderate-risk sports apply

  • All safety protocols as dictated by the state will be followed: physical distancing, masks and sanitization of equipment. Because we are following state guidelines, any player or family, who does not follow the guidelines may not participate

Session 2

Will run from Jan 3rd- Apr 11th (14 weeks- same length as Session 1)

Nerva tournament list is on the events page.

Fee for new players is $1200 with initial $400 non-refundable fee which includes first month and gear.  Initial fee is due upon acceptance and the monthly fees begin 2/10 - $267, 3/10 $267 and last $266 by 4/10. 

Fee for returning players (those, who have gear) will be $1000 with $200 due 1/3, $267 due 2/10 and 3/10 and $266 by 4/10. 

**Players, who will have their HS season during Session 2 can participate and pro-rate cost based on attendance.

Session 3

Will run from April 11th – June 28th

More information on session 3 to follow but practices and cost will be approx. same with the anticipation of the ability to add at least 3-4 tournaments (see events page)

  •  Rather than a club or national  season fee : we will assess best team options and add tournaments in 2021 so fees will change for each team as they add in new opportunities 
      • We will supply a list of possibly tournaments and cost as they become known and confirmed viable and each team will determine the best options for them