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Team Selections

Team Selection & Invitation to Play Process

You tried out? Now what?

After Tryouts  you will receive an email from us telling you where we feel you land as a player at this time. We have a level of play for everyone so the email will contain your options as a player with MGA. This information will help you decide your options as a player overall.

If you have received a Tryout Callback, the exact level of play (Club or National) will be decided and after that you will receive an official invitation for the appropriate Team Level.

From there, you will respond and let us know if you accept your Team Invitation.  After we have received acceptance from players we will send out payment information for the season. Visit our Payment Page for more information.

After you have accepted WHEW-HOO! You are part of MGA and will receive practice and schedule information via the website.

Please visit all of our team player specific pages to learn more about being an MGA Player: Player ExpectationsNutritionTryout InfoTeam Selection

3 Player Programs to Fit Every Skill Level


Program Cost & Description Below


• Allows players to be placed on teams based on skill level, not just age.

• Developmental, No Cuts!

A great starting point for young players to begin to learn the game, and the club, before jumping into a more competitive atmosphere. The focus is on learning and developing the fundamental skills that are the building blocks for future play. Drills and games specifically designed for this age group.

  • Ages: 10-15 
  • 2 Practices per week: Mon. & Wed.  5-7pm
  • Session 1 runs from 11/15 - Feb 2nd
  • Session 2 runs from Feb 7th-April 27th
  • In-House Tournaments

2021-2022 Cost

$625 per session OR
$1150 for the season


Price includes swag, practice gear, uniforms, tournament entry fees and practice time.

Club Level

• These teams are for athletes wanting to play on a club team that provides the very best coaching, training, and competition, but within the vicinity of the New England local/regional competition sites.
• Club level teams are also highly competitive, but are not quite ready to commit to the demanding practice or tournament schedule just yet.

This is a great level for a multi-sport athlete or an athlete with a rigorous academic schedule.

  • Ages: 17, 16, 15, 14, 13 , 12
  • 5 hours of practice per week- 2 weekdays
  • Mon. & Wed 6:30-9pm or Tues. & Thurs. 6:30-9 pm
  • 30 minutes per practice for strength and conditioning
  • 5 Regional Tournaments
  • New uniforms and gear 

2021-2022 Cost



Price includes swag, practice gear, uniforms, tournament entry fees and practice time.

What is not included: USAV or AAU membership fees and any travel costs


• Designed for players who are ready to strengthen their skills and  hope to play in college. Our national travel teams are the most competitive. and also the most demanding. These teams are made up of girls with the strongest skill level and desire to train and push themselves to the highest level of play. Our expectation is a level of commitment consistent with these goals.

This level has the most demanding practice and tournament schedule and will travel to states across the country.

  • Ages: 14s, 15s, 16s, 17s, 18s 
  • 7 hours of practices per week: 2 weekdays and Sunday
  • 2 Weekday either M&W or T&T 6:30-9pm  &  Sunday 6-8pm
  • 30 minutes of practice dedicated to strength & conditioning: core, plyometrics, jump training
  • 3 large format Regional (NE) tournaments
  • AAU Championship League - multiple dates
  • 2 large format, out of region tournaments
  • New uniform and gear
  • Individual recruiting consultation to establish action plan according to player goals

2021-2022 Cost



Price includes swag, practice gear, uniforms, tournament entry fees, practice time and recruiting consultation. Also includes Hotel Stays for overnights.

What is not included: USAV or AAU membership fees, any airfare or other travel expenses outside of hotel rooms for players