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Short Version: FUEL!

A big part of getting players to perform their best is making sure they eat the right things at the right times.

Players need fuel but it is not only before a game, it is important to practice good habits all day- every day!

How to Eat Like an Athlete

Daily Eating

  • Eat immediately after you wake up in the morning

    • Build a foundation for the day- don't skip breakfast

  • Eat throughout the day: choose low fat, nutritious carbohydrate foods and balance with low fat, high protein choices. Limit fried foods


Healthy Food Healthy Snacks Image

Meals & Snacks

    • Breakfast: cereal, pancakes, waffles, toast, bagel, oatmeal, grits, orange juice and fruit

    • Lunch: low fat sandwiches: turkey, ham or roast beef are good choices. Pasta with low fat sauce; salads, fruit

    • Dinner: lean meat (turkey, chicken, pork) or fish. Potatoes, pasta, rice. Vegetables, salad, fruit. Low fat frozen yogurt

    • Snacks: Pretzels, fruit, yogurt, energy bars, cereal, nuts, trail mix

Hydration & Timing

  • Hydration is SO critical. Drink WATER not sports drinks or soda

    • Drink before you are thirsty! Bring a water bottle with you throughout the day

  • Pre Game or practice 

    • Have a normal meal 4 hours before game time, and a snack 1-2 hours before

  • Recovery

    • 20 minutes after game: energy bar, fresh fruit, yogurt add some protein: peanut butter or lean meat- drink chocolate milk