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Club Season FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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We LOVE communication! Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about MGA Club Season. Please read through them so you know what to expect and reach out with any questions!

• Teams: all levels of teams will have between 9-12 players: the ideal is 10

• Team selection is based on several factors: age, experience, technical ability, position, coachability, attitude and level of commitment the player (and family) is willing to make

• We do not place “friends” together just because they are friends or they have played together before or it makes for easier car pooling

• Players may “play up” meaning they can compete in an older age bracket but it is not permitted by USAV to have an older player in a younger age bracket

• All players must be USAV member and upon commitment to a team must go back and claim MGA as their club so we they can be on a roster. Sign up or renew your USAV membership

• All practices are at Starland

• All players and parents must read and accept our terms of agreement before being placed on a team: these policies cover practice commitment, payment commitment including refund policy, expectations about communication, behavior of the players and parents as well as coaches

• We start practices for all levels on Sunday Nov 28th as a kick off

• After that each team will have a practice schedule based on their level and that will be communicated with the invitation to play

• We do have practices during school vacations and Holidays: one week off in December between 12/24-1/1
o Any practices that fall on a religious Holiday are always optional for the player
o All absences from practice must be communicated to the coach ahead of time unless illness or emergency and we strongly suggest that the player be the one to communicate with coach
o Our priorities are: family, school, volleyball and so our expectation is that practices will be attended 99% of the time

• Tournament dates for club level and National level are on the website on our Girls Tournaments page

• We update the website when practices are cancelled due to weather or any other reason

• All the policies, agreements, tournament dates and info about our coaches can be found on our website:

• You should follow us on FB and Instagram to see pictures and updates: mgavolleyball_ne and

• Once a player is on a team, the coach will be the direct contact regarding practices, tournaments, details of where to be when etc. BUT we require a group chat for the team
o If your child does not have a cell phone, please discuss with the coach the best way to ensure information should be shared

• All of our coaches are Safe Sport and Impact Certified. We pay our coaches to come to training through MGA as well: training specific to how we teach technique as taught in the USA Olympic gym, how coaches will provide positive and specific feedback and our expectations of practice plans, communication with parents and athletes, etc.

• As a general rule we ask that players speak for themselves when there are questions or issues but we will not have a parent meeting without the player present- no emails or texts saying, “my daughter would kill me if she knew I was writing but…” IF there is any issue, it should be addressed with coach, player and parent and either Coach Fabe or Sarah present.

• The three levels of programs are designed to fit the variety of athletes we have trying out. Some athletes participate in other activities: music, other sports, work, etc. so if they may wish to choose Club or Super Nova level rather than the commitment required of National level players. For some families, the $ commitment is a factor. Regardless of the level you choose or are asked to participate in, we will provide a higher level of training, understanding of and love for the game.

Any questions or concerns (including financial) can be addressed to Sarah: