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MGA Current Events & Announcements

Now and ALL season-Be sure to check here on the homepage for announcements. current information & important updates & links for tournaments & training. COVID updates will also be found here. Players & parents check back frequently.

Summer Skills Clinics- 2022 DATES POSTED


2021-2022 Practice Info for All Programs

*No practices on the Monday after a tournament

Sundays 6-8pm: All National Teams Positional Skills Training

Mondays 5-7pm: Super Nova, Club: 12s, 13s, 14s Red , 14s White
Mondays 7-9pm Club: 15s Red, 15s White, 16s Red, 16s White

Tuesdays 5-7pm: VolleyCrush! League, National:  14s, 17s White, 17s Red
Tuesdays 6:30-9pm: National 15, 16s, 16s Red, 17s, 18s 18s Red

Wednesdays 5-7: Super Nova, Club: 12s, 13s, 14s Red , 14s White
Wednesdays 7-9pm Club: 15s Red, 15s White, 16s Red, 16s White

Thursdays 5-7pm: National: 14s, 17s White
Thursdays 6:30-9pm: National: 15, 16s, 16s Red, 17s, 17s Red, 18s 18s Red

Fridays 6-8pm: VolleyCrush League!


Please go to our Programs Page to see details of the Club & National programs.

USAV Membership Required

Here is a link to USAV membership, which must be done to participate in any activities for club tryouts or season:

Volleyball Basics & Ref Signals

Need a brush up on the game of volleyball? Wondering what those ref signals mean? Check out this easy to understand Volleyball Basics PDF for a quick, easy run through of the basics of the game. 

Girls volleyball team and coaches with nationals award and ribbons

Looking to become a better volleyball school player or to join a club team? MGA has a proven track record of player development and success! Just ask our 2021 Nationals Teams how their hard work paid off!

Find Your Training Level-Year Round!


Join us as an MGA Club player or for our year round practice opportunities for advanced HS players, intermediate players looking to grow and for beginners just getting started! 


MGA Gear for Everyone!

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New Program: 2021-2022 MGA VolleyCrush League

We have created a VolleyCrush League! This program provides high level training for players ages 13-16 and is designed for players who want to strengthen their skills. This is a great level for a multi-sport athlete or an athlete with a full family, work or school schedule. This league will have 2 sessions with the first session focused on skill development by position and the second session will provide the element of competition with a power league format. (The 2 session format allow for a winter athlete to join after their participation in a winter sport).


This league will have 2 sessions. All practices  Tue. (5-7pm NEW TIME! as of 11/30) & Fri. (6-8pm). First practice Tues. 11/23; NO practice Fri. 11/26.

*Some weeks will have one practice day due to Holidays & gym availability

Cost: $600 per session

Cost includes the practices, a practice Tshirt and a sweatshirt

Session 1: will involve overall skill and volleyball IQ development through specific game like drills (grills) in the first hour and reinforcement of daily focus in games for the second hour.

Session 2: will be taking players to the next level of skill development in the first hour and a power league format (weekly ranking by team) in the second hour where players will be placed on teams of like level and compete for the top spot.

Contact with any questions or for more information.

New Covid Checklist for Participation

Please read though this and ensure you can say "no" to all before coming to ANY practice, THANK YOU.

1) Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or cough?
2) Fever of 100.4 or higher?
3) Chills, muscle pain?
4) Strong or persistent headache?
5) Sore throat?
6) Loss of taste or smell?
7) In the last 7 days have you been in contact with anyone who was diagnosed with Covid-19?
8) In the last 7 days have you or anyone in your immediate family traveled outside of MA?

Note: you can see our refund policy section but all players must follow the MA guidelines regarding COVID and no refunds if not following those policies even if there is a change in those policies during the club season.

Current COVID Status/Regs for Volleyball-Updated Dec 2021

COVID 19 Regulations & Expectations: we will adhere to all CDC & MA safety regulations and recommendations for moderate-risk
sports that apply: physical distancing, masks and sanitization of equipment. Our primary goal is to teach the players and
protect them within our control. It is also very important that each player and family discuss and implement their own
requirements for on and off court safety. 
Our policy is: if anyone tests positive for Covid or is in contact with someone, who has tested positive, they should advise
MGA and will be asked to get tested and not join practice until test results. At that point, all should follow the
most-up-to-date CDC & MA guidelines for next steps. Any  player or family, who does not abide by our/state guidelines may not be allowed to participate in activities.

Starland as of  Aug 2021 does not require masks in the facility but our recommendation is that anyone, who is not vaccinated, wear a mask both on and off the court.  As of 12/8/21 we  re-instated our mask policy to all players and coaches to wear masks  as they enter  the building

We follow the CDC guidelines first, state second and local third in that order and that has not nor will change. We have no control over nor do we ask who has been vaccinated or not. However, an unvaccinated players has different CDC guidelines for return to play after exposure and or having had covid. You can find all the guidelines  on the CDC site for both vaccinated and unvaccinated players.

Updated CDC Isolation and Quarantine Guidance (1/2/21)

This week, the CDC updated its guidance on the isolation time period for those who have tested positive for COVID-19. (This guidance has now been adopted by DESE and DPH.) These are the key details:

  • Stay home and isolate for 5 days (reduced from previous 10 days)

    • The first day of symptoms or after a positive antigen or PCR test (if asymptomatic) is “Day 0”

    • You may return to practice on Day 6 as long as:

      • You have no symptoms

      • You continue to wear a mask whenever you are around others for 5 more days

      • You have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication

As far as tournaments & travel -we will follow the CDC and airline guidelines as well as the venue regarding masks and vaccination. As of December, The Boston Festival is requiring players and participants to show proof of vaccination. No other venue has said that players must be vaccinated but many are staying with a mask policy for now.

As far as hotel rooms: we do not ask about vaccinations and so any parent, who feels uncomfortable with their child being a  room with the "unknown", then, they can stay with their player but it will be at their own cost.

Private Coaching Sessions Available

Starting on Monday, June 8th we will be offering private, 1 hour, lessons at Starland Sports-Plex.  Individual or small group lessons will be offered.  $125 per hour for a one on one, or up to three players.  4 players or more will pay $40 per player.

Please e-mail for more info.

MGA Coach Profiles

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At MGA, our coaches are our biggest asset! They are hand-selected for their combinations of high quality coaching & playing experience, certifications & training levels and of course their dedication to the players and the game. Learn more about our Coaches and what they bring to MGA.

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Mental Strength Training a Success!

Thank you Courtney Thompson, players and parents for participating in our Mental Strength Training Clinic!


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